Saturday, September 14, 2019

Aichi Triennale presents Tamaki Roy @ Endoji 2019/9/13

Even if you don't like contemporary art, the Aichi Triennale has a expertly curated lineup of artists performing as part of its music program a few times a week for free at the Endoji temple and Shotengai not far from Nagoya station.

I went to check out hip-hop artist Tamaki Roy this past Friday after missing nearly a month of great artists because I was home for the holidays.

The stage is set against a large mural painting on the side of a building in the mall with a parking in front of the structure providing space for a hundred or so audience members. Tamaki Roy had garnered quite a crowd when I arrived; the space was full and onlookers spilled out into the center street and off to the side. He had just belted out a free style rhyme sans any backing track but resumed his set with some of his popular tracks. The gig lasted about an hour, from 7PM to 8PM.

Later in the program there are a slew of other artists who are due to perform solo or acoustic on the small stage throughout the month. It seems that bands werent allowed and I can imagine the noise complaints from the neighborhood already, not to mention the inconvenience to those who use the street where the mall is as a way to get around. Seeing as the gigs are free, it's a great way to check out some new artists and get a look at a really cool looking mall and the preserved traditional architecture that dots the areas back streets. The public seemed to enjoy it too, with more than one passerby stopping their commute to listen to Tamaki rhyme over his beats.

You can check out the Aichi Triennale's website for more info, their music program category for info on all the music related work for the triennale, and the page dedicated to these Endoji Day Concerts that are taking place every Thursday to Sunday until October 11th.


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