Wednesday, April 5, 2017

First batch of Urusei Yatsura EPs

I received my first batch of 7" singles from Urusei Yatsura--the first, but definitely not the last considering there are a plenty left to collect. The series ran for something like 200+ episodes and numerous opening and ending themes, plus six films each with their own theme songs. The records above are:

[7DS-0020] Hoshizora Cycling (3rd Ending Theme) / Moonlight Coaster - Virgin VS
[K-1543] Born to Be Free / Remember My Love (Movie 3: Remember My Love) - Steffanie
[K-1548] Rock the Planet (5th Opening Theme) / Every Day - Steffanie

The amount of Urusei Yatsura related LPs is staggering and I still find some records with Lum graving the cover that I never knew existed.

Sadly, the EP for Rock the Planet came warped to the point of no return but since I only paid 200yen for it I'm in no position to file a lawsuit. The cover art is gorgeous on this one, so at least I can savor the insert and use the vinyl itself as a coaster. I have to admit that I don't really dig the 

Sometimes the 80s terrifies me. 

I had to order these EPs because I rarely see anime singles at record stores. They don't seem to be very valuable, just uncommon out in the wild.

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