Monday, April 10, 2017

Cherry Blossom Report: Nagoya Heiwa Kouen (Peace Park) 2017/04/07

 Much of this week's cherry blossom viewing was dampened--literally--by daily forecasts of rain. I visited the park just before a downpour and didn't get to enjoy the tranquil expanse of greenery and cherry blossoms for very long--neither did I take many pictures, but the park comes highly recommended, though probably not from the walking-route I took up a steep incline from Motoyama station. The walk from Higashiyama-Kouen (Higashiyama Park) station should be much closer and convenient for the Sakura garden, pictured below.

The rainy forecast deterred most would-be picnickers, so the grounds were clear of the blue stuff and rather quiet despite being in glorious full bloom. The entire area was vast and a welcome departure from the linear little riverside path I took the previous day along the Yamazakigawa river.

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