Monday, August 15, 2016

Kicell ( キセル ) - toki wo hanarete ( 時をはなれて )

If there's anything I've learned over the years, it's that when it comes to films, books, or music - any kind of media - I can't be forced to get into something. Someone can recommend something to me to the highest degree and even if I know I might like it, I can't just sit there and enjoy it if there isn't some kind of force pulling me towards it on my end. I've also learned that sometimes you can't force stuff on other people either, and they, too, will have to take your best recommendations whenever they find it comfortable to them. I stopped being offended if someone got into something I introduced to them at a later time because I kind of learned the hard way when the same thing happened to me!

Kicell was one of those groups that I had heard so much about and was recommended so many times by both friends and by music websites like but could never quite listen to. I guess there wasn't quite something there that intrigued me about them and whenever I did listen to one of their albums I was unimpressed. But what would you know - I just suddenly felt compelled to look them up years later and I find them to be particularly pleasant, an excellent companion to a group like Quruli who I've been fond of for years.

I used to always play the group's albums from the start and find myself falling out of it in no time. Youtube is convenient in that it gets me into some of their singles, arguably their more accessible tunes, and pairs them with a music video to keep my attention so it's a lot easier to get into.

The above video for their track 時をはなれて (toki wo hanarete) reminds me a lot of the kinds of videos I liked before, too, around the time many years ago when I first heard of Kicell. I was really fond of stuff that showcased the scenery of small town Japan and everyday life rather than all the flashy MTV kind of stuff so it felt almost nostalgic, a reminder of a lot of my favorite videos from Onsoku Line. It paired great with the really mellow music.

It also reminded me a lot of the last airbnb I stayed in while in Japan - a spare room in a couple's condo who lived on the outskirts of Tokyo in the suburbs. It was a high rise apartment complex with not much else around it. The river bank was straight out of a Japanese drama or manga, and it was a great place to unwind.
But what it really struck me as was a perfect accompaniment to a Haruki Murakami novel or short story. The strange faces on the characters and the humdrum of everyday life, plus the meeting of the man and woman at the very end in the cafe.

Enjoy more Kicell.

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