Sunday, July 21, 2013

Japan Natsu 2013 - Trip planning part 1

I've been avoiding blogging like the plague because I actually had a great idea for this blog. I separated my account into a bunch of tiny blogs; each to fit a specific interest of mine. Then I realized that I would go to one, then the other, not update one, and update another extensively, forget about one, then go to another, and so on. It didn't make sense for me to constantly update different blogs for different interests. Why not take what people like Danny Choo have done and simply combine my interests into one blog with a bigger scope: say, Japanese pop culture? That would keep my thoughts organized into a very broad header and help my blog reach a broader audience...

Which ended up not happening, ever, because I never got around to it. It's still good to throw it out there now, rather than later, in the hopes that this might kick-start the will to take up said project.


At the moment I had a morbid realization that my interest in Japanese music is waning. I think numerous things can attribute to this and the list could probably go on for quite some time. Compounding factors have just given the hobby so much weight that I have not been able to keep it on my shoulders as much. The lack of an active online community, not actually being in Japan, decline in yen making music difficult to purchase(not a problem now, thankfully!), trouble finding sources to discover new bands, etc.
Deciding to take a trip to Japan in August, however, has sort of rekindled the flame I once had for my love of this music. With three weeks left I am still combing through the webpages of bands and live houses alike all over Japan(but mostly in Tokyo) in hopes of finding a decent show I can see while I am there. The hectic nature of my trip schedule already makes it quite difficult to find a day where I will be somewhere for sure and the fact that its summer means even more problems. The weeks I am there fall into the festival season: Summer Sonic, Rising Sun Rock, and other huge festivals are all happening during my stay. Sadly because of budget constraints and inexperience, I do not plan on attending any of these colossal events but it also means that most of the top tier bands are off to play the big stage leaving the live houses empty. Occasionally a band or two will show up on the circuit but even those are slim as some bands choose to take breaks or attend these big festivals themselves. It's also the Obon holidays so generally people return home to see their folks or go overseas. It's a strange time to be in Japan for sure when it comes to seeing shows.

Planning in general is pretty difficult. Who knew having the chance to see the entire country would complicate things rather than simplify them? Darn...

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