Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yeye's "morning"

Sometimes it would be nice if that adorable idol up on stage really knew how to sing and wasn't lip synching those auto-tuned lyrics. I'd like to believe that said all-girl band actually writes all of their songs and believes in what they're singing. It would be cool to think that they all wrote these lyrics in one of their apartments on a rainy day after a long day of classes and too many cans of beer. That solo artist would be so much cooler if she knew how to actually play the guitar and not just swung it around clumsily in the music video almost like a baseball bat with that cheeky smile that distracts you from the incorrect positioning of her fingers. But we can all dream, right?

Yeye isn't an idol, so I guess it makes sense that she can play an instrument...well, that would be somewhat incorrect, too. She can't just play a single instrument, she can play quite a few. And by quite a few I mean everything in her entire new song off her debut album, "morning". Don't believe? Well, Yeye thought about that too, don't you worry, and is more than happy to show us her recording nearly all the instruments of the track in the music video:

I actually didn't know for a little while that YeYe was a jack of all trades when it comes to instruments; i suddenly noticed on her Demo CD that she did indeed play everything, before the video made it apparent to everyone. Having enjoyed the arrangements on the CD, this only made me more impressed with the demo.

While I admit that it might have been a little showy, though it did not immediately come off as that, it can certainly be justified. Nowadays it's hard to find an idol not hiding behind a keen producer and songwriter only marketed for looks, not talent. This hasn't even limited itself to the female musicians but the males as well, marked as arena rock acts that are supposed to be the essence of rock but don't even do anything but wear the image. A lot of music isn't written by the people who play it. It's sad to think about it.

Hopefully this video is a way for her to show the music industry that there are a lot of talented musicians out there that stand way above everything artificial that is being marketed as music. I'm just hoping that people recognize her abilities on display in this video and she gets recognized in return.


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