Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Perfume - Voice/575

Perfume's upcoming single, the follow up to Fushizen na Girl and Natural ni Koi shite is: "Voice"

Limited Edition cover:

Normal Edition cover:

The single drops on August 11th and comes with the B-side "575". LE has a DVD with the PV for voice. Price is the usual 1,300/1,000 for the LE/Normal editions.

Probably the least interesting of the group's single covers so far. Well, I gotta say I'm a sucker for the girl's legs so maybe the first cover isn't soooo bad .___.
I'm still going to try and pick up the normal editions for all their singles one of these days so long as I can find them for 100yen or something.

The only news from Perfume the rivals their upcoming release is their concert at Tokyo Dome this November:

(Is it just me or is Nocchi not wearing anything on top? All I can say is "wow". Click for a larger image!)

Less than a week before my birthday too! Am I supposed to be excited? No, not really, because I will probably be sitting at home(since it's a Wednesday, then, at school most likely) doing nothing. Then again the same thing went on when the girls were performing at Budoukan. It would still be a great present to myself if I could make it out to Tokyo for this one day but there is another, more important concert in December that is higher priority than this one so....the girls will have to wait. At least we can probably look forward to a DVD from them soon? or perhaps performances from the recent summer festivals.


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