Sunday, January 10, 2010

Perfume - One Room Disco (from 直角二等辺三角形TOUR DVD)

For some reason I knew that the next post I was going to make was going to be about Perfume.

Recently, M-ON aired a clip of One Room Disco from the group's upcoming DVD, "Perfume Second Tour 2009 『直角二等辺三角形TOUR』 ". The DVD is going to be released this Wednesday, January 13, 2009.

That said, it isn't really a big deal that I've gotten a hold of this clip what, 2 days before the release(and that's the official release, I'm sure a number of places in Japan will have it on sale tomorrow, possibly)? But sure, why not. I would consider myself nothing less of a dedicated Perfume fan but I've yet to actually own one of their DVDs. Simply because they tend to be a little over my budget, even for Japanese DVD's(Perfumes DVD's run at about $50 new). Believe me, that is all that stops me from getting a hold of them.

Not only is this a performance of one of my favorite Perfume songs, but they all look really great dancing to it. This is probably the most energetic I've seen the girls look in a performance; I'm sure they're on their best behavior for the filming of this DVD(not that Perfume ever look horrible on stage, from the numerous concerts I've seen). The outfits were not so appealing, but not horrible either. Hopefully since it's a tour DVD they'll showcase the girls giving performances at multiple venues. I can't stand when a band/singer performs on a stage that is obviously too large for them to fill and there is all this empty space left on stage but with this venue Perfume had a smaller stage that catered to their 3-girl line-up very well and didn't bother me at all with empty, unused space.

Looking at the tracklist for the DVD, they are playing nearly every track off of their latest album, Triangle, except for "The Best Thing"(and guess what my favorite track off triangle is? T__T). Triangle makes up a bulk of the list and favorites from Game(Ceramic Girl, Polyrhythm), Complete Best era tracks(Computer City, Perfect Star, Perfect Style), and B-sides(Jenny wa Gokigen Naname, Seventh Heaven) also make appearances, giving the final track list a healthy and well portioned serving of the trio's songs. Alongside the first disc is a second disc which contains march angles for edge and Night Flight, individual performances and what is labeled as a surprise on most websites. For most of us who haven't attended a Perfume concert, this DVD is especially essential because it contains tracks from Triangle recorded live for the first time(Speed of Sound and Zero Gravity come to mind). And of course the Triangle tour mix of Negai!

You can view the tracklist for the DVD and purchase it at these websites:

P.S. I can't help but feel completely disappointed at the girls' latest, private fan club only tour going on this spring. It was said to be held at more "intimate" live house venues, which is a big departure from where they recorded their latest DVD, but the unveil revealed venues like Zepp Tokyo/Osaka and Asakusa Blitz, all of which were still fairly large, none of which I would attend if I wanted to be in an "intimate" venue with a band. Oh well, I guess it's just wishful thinking that I'll one day be able to enjoy a Perfume live in a small live house venue like the ones they would perform for in their Indie days...


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